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General Questions

What differentiaties RJS from other Marketing and Fulfillment companies?
RJS did not become the HMO's of the industry nor the Home Depots of the world, that's when your products may get lost in the abyss. RJS specializes in personal care and dedication. We ensure that all avenues are examined in launching a new product. Marketing solutions are imperative if you are going to be successful. Fact, a successful and well diversed marketing plan is likely to increase your profits.

What does RJS stand for?
RJS stands for Real Job Solutions.

What is RTI ?
RTI stands for Real Time Inventory. Our inventory management and order processing system (RTI) is easily accessible over the Internet. Order status, item quantities and standard reports can all be accesed in real - time. The RTI can meet the needs of any product launch and can be broadened and scaled quickly and efficiently as changes inherent in product launches demand. RTI administrators will have the ability to dynamically update website content. This is : updates are available to web visiters IMMEDIATELY..

How does RJS store your inventory?
When materials arrive at RJS, we audit the shippment to verify quantities. Our goal is 100% inventory accuracy throughout the item's entire lifecycle with RJS. When the audit is complete, the item is prepared for entry into the RTI system and assigned to a storage location within our warehouse.

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